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Moving Russian Overkill weapons into Brutal Doom?

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Hey there;

I'm wanting to move some weapons from the Russian Overkill mod into the Brutal Doom mod. Some of these include the triple-barreled sawed-off shotgun, the quadruple-barreled shotgun, and several others.

At first, I thought it would be a simple copy-and-paste from WAD to WAD via the XWE editor, but once I opened them both up in XWE, I realized my problem was going to be much bigger than initially anticipated.

The question stands: How would I be able to move weapons (and subsequently re-script them) from Russian Overkill to Brutal Doom? I am a complete newbie to Doom editing, so any sort of help would be very appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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First off, they're not WADs, they're PK3s, so they are uneditable in XWE. You should get Slade3 for that (well, that and the much better functionality with WADs in general).
Second off, it is possible to run Russian Overkill weapons with Brutal Doom monsters and such, but you'll have to change a few things in both mods to make sure they work. Make sure to back them up!

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Would there be any sort of specifics as to what I need to change? As previously stated, I am quite new at this, so anything I learn here will likely shape how I mod.

Honestly, I know it'll probably involve me replacing the Super Shotgun and the standard-fare Shotgun with the quad-barrel and triple-barrel, respectively, but would I need to change up any sort of hitboxes in order to get the full effect from either shotgun? (I wouldn't mind replacing the standard Rifle with the Combat Rifle.)

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