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Obsidian's 30 Minute Maps - now on IdGames!

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Obsidian's 30 Minute Maps.

- 6 cute little maps!
- Vanilla compatibility - play it on any source port!
- 119BK filesize - fun in a funsize package!
- A text file!

Click here.

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I played through the maps with the Russian Overkill mod since it basically puts it on UV/Nightmare mode when it comes to monsters. Here's my sum-up of it...

The first four or so levels were great. The Cyberdemon I saw in Map03 was a little weirdly placed for such a tight space, but I'm sure with the firepower someone had by that point, they'd survive.

Templar and Kill John... Well, I'd crack a guess at you trying to make a miniature nuts.wad at the end of Kill John. Plus, loads of tight spaces (and more Revenants than you could shake a Super Shotgun at) in Templar. There were just loads of Barons of Hell and the like, and it just felt like it'd be impossible if you tried it legitimately. Unless you had chucked a BFG down near the end of Kill John, I'm quite sure the ending sequence would be nigh-impossible.

Also, I really did like the neat little twist you spun on Dead Simple. Pretty cool design! All in all, I really liked the maps, and I had a lot of fun, I just found the monster overload towards the end a bit iffy. If there was a sort of star system, I'd happily give it a 4/5. (And all the maps were indeed cute. They'd be more so if Map02 didn't try to crush me every ten seconds)

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I'm up to MAP03 right now. Some really unexpected traps. It reminds me of this one, but more difficult. Excellent job.

EDIT: After reading what Jimothy wrote a couple of minutes ago, I guess they are a lot more difficult. Oh, and Jimothy, about the "star system", you can vote on idgames. In fact, I think I'm going to stop writing and vote right now.

EDIT2: Corrected a word. Also.. I'm such an ass. I voted three but I meant four stars. If someone else thinks this deserves four, please make it five to equalize. And I've already finished it. Good job.

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Not bad, and the maps all look nice and crisp for 30 minute works. I actually really liked the "approaching the eye unleashes a trap" cue in MAP02. Didn't really like MAP03 (I'll just go play Cyberdreams instead). The invisible walls at the start of MAP04 were weird. MAP05 was tough but enjoyable since I saw what I needed to do better each time. Beat MAP06 on the first try; just hold the trigger down on the BFG and pray.

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Jimothy said:

Also, I really did like the neat little twist you spun on Dead Simple.

I'm guessing you're talking about the message. Yeah, I altered it in DeHackEd. :P I haven't really tested with mods, but all the maps are beatable from pistol start, including Kill John and Templar.

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