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The Hall - My second map

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Hi everyone.

I'm here to show my new map, as it is the second map I ever created and sent to the idGames.

It is a small map, but a bit challenging.

I won't send any screenshots here, I think it is for the better, to keep you interested.
Here is the link:http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=17338

Thanks for your time.

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I played your map and also searched for the first one and gave it a try ;) Well, it's not bad, I only get a certain feeling from it that you don't actually think much about gameplay. You just place monsters and weapons in and let the player do whatever he wants. You don't yet realize what the player wants. He wants to be attacked in effective and interesting ways, and he also wants to be able to kill the monsters, have enough firepower for it, and not to be forced to simply run by. It is okay, I myself started mapping similar way. I however like that you really went into a purposeful map structure and detailing right at your first attempt. I mean, that you even tried. Many beginners don't even try. It sometimes looks a little strange, but there's nothing bad with your visual style and it's distinct at least.

I would recommend you to add some more height variation in future mapping (stairs, lifts, variously interconnected rooms), and mainly, to work on gameplay and balance. Compare your work with recently released Obsidian's 30-minute speedmaps ;) Although the maps are simple, you'll notice that guy knows how to go on a good gameplay, enjoyable from player's perspective. Even though he's very sadistic :)

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Thanks for your feedback scifista42.

About your first point, I prefer to be the player to choose how to engage the gameplay. I know that is a bit rough on the edges, but the main idea is the player does whatever he prefer to use in certain situations. I accept your criticism correctly, and I understand your point.

Your second point about the design, my main idea is to create "hopefully" a small megawad, and for each map closer to the final map, more odd details pop out, as if hell started to transform the "earth" realm to a hell outpost.

Anyway, thanks for playing and enjoying my levels, I hope you don't get this post wrong, because, I recognise that i'm still a diamond in rough in terms of mapmaking. But I'll try to get better and better of it. I'm still a new fish in a colossal pond.

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