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Ty Halderman

Archive upload process changes

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As mentioned by Johnsuitepee, can we make it a convention in the WAD texts to indicate if mapsets containing multiple levels have been designed for pistol starts or continuous play?

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I actually liked the challenge of staying within 8 characters when naming a file. But I understand the need for the policy change.


On an unrelated note, on at least one occasion I informed the idgames archives manager of my intention to upload a file (which was fairly large), and got an email response that all was well. However, after I uploaded the file I still got an email asking for verification. Is that because the email asking for verification is an automated function? In which case, what's the advantage of submitting a notification to idgames before an upload?

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@ReX If you notified us of a file you will upload, only to get an email verification notice anyway, then the notice being sent is entirely down to human error. I had been busy with RL matters until recently, so I do not know what happened there. However, sending advance notice of a file you've uploaded will indeed still shortcut the process of getting a file on the archives provided there is no grounds for rejection. :) We apologize for the inconvenience!

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On 11/17/2017 at 5:10 PM, The Green Herring said:

We apologize for the inconvenience!

No apologies necessary. My post was not meant by way of complaint, merely curiosity.


In my opinion, asking an uploader via email for the legitimacy of the upload is hardly an inconvenience to the uploader. But the lesson here is that even if an uploader notifies the idgames archives manager in advance, it might still be a good idea for her/him to periodically check for confirmation emails.

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