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Cyberdreams 2 Community Project -The End?

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So playing Cyberdreams and reading a few reviews, Ive realized nobody has,made a CyD2.

/If you havent played Cyberdreams, search for cyber110.wad or Cyberdreams on the archives./

I've had an idea for Cyberdreams 2: The Community Project. The below are the rules

1. Can be Boom or Vanilla Compatible

2. Includes an interesting kill method (Telefragging one cyber, then crossing a.certain linedef opens up two others, etc.)

3. New music is allowed, but make sure that you give credit to the respective owner\owners. Last thing I need is somebody sueing me for using the Harry Potter theme or whatever.

4. NO TERRY TRAPS/TERRY TRAP-STYLE MAPS!!! All,maps are tested before listed.

5. New textures? Give the credit!

6. The limit per mapper is 4 maps.

7. New sounds? You know what to do...

Fellowzdoomer - (Mapper [At the moment, An Android mapper.], Deh File Writer, Project leader.)

Scifista42 - (Deh writer [A pretty Impressive one at that)

Salahmander2 - (Decent mapper)

Mrthejoshmon - (Decent mapper)

ChronoSerge - (??? - No Info - ???)

MAP01 - Rebirth - Fellowzdoomer
MAP02 - 5 Cybersnipers - Mrthejoshmon
MAP07 - Gatehole - Fellowzdoomer
MAP08 - A Cybers Belt - Salahmander2
MAP17 - p0rtal - Fellowzdoomer
MAP21 - Hickory Dickory Dock -Salahmander2
MAP30 - ChronoCyber - Fellowzdoomer

ANNOUNCEMENT 4: ZDoom Maps allowed!

oh, tell us if your map is ZDoom, Vanilla or Boom compatible.

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Fellowzdoomer, before you start asking for help on your new mega-cool-and-whatnot project, make sure you have something to show first (screenshots, map downloads, etc). Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of upcoming projects that actually never got done.

Wow, the [/newproject] tag actually works. 0_o Also, there's a somewhat spiritual successor to Cyberdreams called Arch-Vile Jump on IdGames, so you might want to check that out as well.

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Obsidian said:


Maybe you'd also enjoy [/newprojecttagtag]

Obsidian, before you start trying to act mega-cool-and-whatnot by using the newproject tag, make sure you check that the person doesn't have something to show first (screenshots, map downloads, etc). Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of uses of the newproject tag that only succeeded in making the person using it look like a complete moron, because they did have something to show.

It's not completely appropriate here, but it exists.

EDIT: In the interest of actually contributing to this thread, a "modernised" Cyberdreams is kinda interesting. I'm not sure exactly how many different ideas upping the compatibility to Boom allows, however.

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I was like "meh" when seeing and reading the thread (OP), but when I think about it, doing something like Cyberdreams recreation with the use of modern, polished mapping would be nice to see, actually. Guaranteed that the concept would be modified a bit (allowing more leeway in monster/gimmick usage) and focusing on better aesthetics, to make it fun for today player.

"But I highly doubt that would turn out well here.", I'm tempted to add, I admit. Still, nothing bad on at least giving a try in the form of this thread. If you're able to get further than just words, I might be interested.

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Eris Falling said:


Oh dear, that's hilarious. X-D I wouldn't mind a Cyberdreams 2 but I'd focus on having a S.T.R.A.I.N 2 more, due to being a mental DeHax0r. :P

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purist said:

Is there another 32 interesting puzzles to wring out of the "kill the cyb with no ammo" setup?

There may for example be a new DEHACKED (BEX) that gives the player obscurely working (perhaps melee-only?) weapons (with limited ammo), where his basic weapon does nothing. There may be some interesting uses of Boom features. There may be high-quality-looking maps. The maps will know what the player is expecting from a Cyberdreams wad, and take advantage from it to achieve fun and lol-moments.

I'm too tired from doing derailing threads already. I would like to set some right instead :) That approach would do good to anyone.

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Fellowzdoomer said:

Im writing,the DEHACKED.

:O :D

If I may ask, what exactly do you plan with it? I may help out.

Considering that Nightmare skill actually only raise the speed of rockets and cyberdemon's aggresivity, I believe some of the maps might not get much harder on this skill compared to UV.

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We'll talk tomorrow. I hope the thread stays. As you're apparently the project starter, you may already get working on a first map submission. Because as you see, some people tend to have complaints if you give them just a text.

I meant - I thought you're actually planning to include some new content like I suggested, using DEHACKED coding. Nevermind.

Yes he stays and keep aggresively firing. That's normal Nightmare behaviour.

Good night for now :)

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The thing about concept WADs is that they're really only good the first time. After a while, variations of the same concept gets boring.

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Get started on Alien Vendetta 2! lolol

Fellowzdoomer said:


Map01 - Post Mortem

Good sir I'm afraid this constitutes some manner of plagiarism, if I could direct your attention to MAP24 of Hell Revealed.

Nah not really, I'm not even sure whether you can use the same map name as seen in a previous wad :P

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Bloodite Krypto said:

Nah not really, I'm not even sure whether you can use the same map name as seen in a previous wad :P

Course you can. I'm too lazy to check but there's loads of high profile examples of shared names. I'd personally look to avoid it (especially with a high profile map), but unless it's a unique name you're recycling you're unlikely to be called out on it.

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Heh , I did a map for my megawad that uses both of the Cyber and SMM and you have to kill them by telefraging them.
Will that be acceptable?

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I think he's talking about this.

And I'm keeping an eye on this project, it sounds like a cool idea.

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