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Chocolate Strife is "gold"

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This is just an announcement that with the commit of r2647 to Chocolate Doom's v2-branch 11 minutes ago, Chocolate Strife is now free of any known TODO issues and can be considered 100% complete. Doesn't bar the discovery of bugs later, of course, but the state of the code as it is now will compose the executable that launches with the upcoming v2.0 release of Chocolate Doom.


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Congrats on the release!

While its no secret I'm not exactly a Strife fan, I can certainly appreciate how great the existence of a "Chocolate" port is for the community. Nice work guys.

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The day I've waited for has come at last :D I've been watching this project since it was announced here back in 2009, thank you for all of your efforts Quasar, Kaiser and Fraggle!

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Awesome! I've been looking forward to Chocolate Doom v2.0 for a while now. It's always good to get an update on progress, especially when a milestone is reached.

Keep up the good work!

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beloko said:

Yes very good work!

I can do an Android port if there is interest, it would be play Hexen/Heretic/Strife and would be a similar format to Doom Touch (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beloko.doom)

I was just thinking about this today. If there were a port of the chocolate doom v2 branch engines to Android, I would most certainly be interested. I'm sure others would be, as well.

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