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Chris Hansen

Gzdoom 3d floor and scrolling floor problem

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Hi all.

I have a minor problem in a level I am currently making with GZdoomBuilder. I hope one of you can help me.

I am trying to make a type 1 solid 3d floor (linedef action 160) over a scrolling floor (linedef action 223), which is moving barrels (custom radioactive looking barrels from Realm667's bestiary). The scrolling floor is set to move both texture and sprites so that it looks and acts like a conveyor belt.

The problem is, that when the player steps onto the platform/floor, then the barrels moving on the floor underneath stops/clogs as if the player is standing on the scrolling floor and thereby preventing the barrels from moving. But, he is standing on the floor above.

What setting do I need to set on the sprites or the scrolling floor? Or am I trying to something that can't be done in Gzdoom? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I am not 100% sure, but I haven't changed any settings on the sprites and I assume that its off per default. But I will check it. And what I can deduce from your question is, that it might be related to the sprites more than anything else?

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You may have to replace the barrels with versions that add the +CANPASS flag. Doom's decorations do not have this flag but if they move themselves (as on a conveyor belt) they may need it to avoid being blocked by other stuff.

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Chris Hansen said:

Really? Noone has an idea? :(

I managed to replicate the problem yesterday but didn't have a solution, it wasn't caused by infinitely tall actors. Graf's suggestion of adding the +CANPASS flag to those bestiary barrels works a treat.

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