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WTB SP maps with DM starts

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Specifically, I'm looking for small-medium sized SP maps that the author bothered to include DM starts on (and preferably, that don't break completely due to 1-time effects or the like).

i will offer you existential prizes in exchange

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Which port are you after? My three ZPack submissions all have DM starts and some attempts at special handling for them. If you want vanilla, just go through early and mid 90's WADs in the archives. DEU tended to count not having at least 4 DM starts as an error, so the majority of mappers would throw them in to please it. Either that, or they'd seen id having DM starts in all of their maps and feel obliged to include them too. I say this from experience, given that's exactly why Scourge (my first proper release) has a load of DM starts per map and some minor attempts to make it work.

Of course, most of us never tested these maps outside of the intended game mode, so if it works in DM, it's more luck than judgement.

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PL2 has a lot of those... some maps even have dedicated DM arenas. PRCP map31 has an entire DM clone.

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