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<Solved> How to, in Decorate, check how far away from the player an object is?

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The idea is to use 3D models for decorative purposes and, if the player is a good enough distance away, they're rendered as sprites to preserve performance.

Update: Someone gave me a solution. I just use A_CheckRange to check the distance from the player. It requires a new version of GZDoom, though.

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I'd guess A_JumpIfCloser on a 0 tic state. Jump to a 1 tic state with the 3D model defined if the player is within a given distance, else fall through to another 1 tic state with the sprite defined, then loop back to the A_JumpIfCloser.

This might not work well in multiplayer.

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It made the object completely disappear. Not even just invisible, the object deleted itself.

ACTOR EngineerHat : Soulsphere replaces Soulsphere
Scale 2
	SOUL B 0 A_JumpIfCloser(500,"Model")
    SOUL A 5
    SOUL A 5
	Goto Spawn

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