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I Found This Somewhere in an Interesting Corner of the Internet

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Marnetmar said:

The virgin Mary.

John Romary.

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Marnetmar said:

But maybe he's a sperm donor!

Ahhh so that explains those apocryphal exit messages in the Doom source code...

John Romero's Extra Quit Messages said:

  • you quit and i'll jizz in your cystholes!
  • if you leave, i'll make the lord drink my jizz.

Now it all comes together, the Doom experience has come full circle. What else do we want?

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schwerpunk said:
Romero's hair is much silkier than that, but the artist's depiction is all the more 'metal' for it.

I'd say the silky hair came later during his established "gaming rock star" period between Quake and the fall of Ion Storm and beyond.

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