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actor has no frames

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So I've been playing around with decorate in Slumped and I was able to create fire using the archvile's flame. It worked pretty good so I decided to create my own using ms paint to learn how to create my own monsters in the future. So I made the actor, gave it a png for a sprite and gave it a four letter name with frame letters A and B and a 0. But whenever I load up the map I get the "!" error and I check through tab and it tells me that the actor as n frames. How could that be if I gave it a frame in its name? This is the code that I used.

actor shitflame 401
//$Category "fire"

height 64
radius 64
meleerange 64
meleedamage 1
obituary "%o died in a shitty fire"


FLME AB 4 A_Look
FLME AB 4 A_MeleeAttack
goto see

Can anyone explain what I did wrong?

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the code itself looks fine from what I can see... maybe the sprites in the wad are in the wrong place somehow, or unable to be found by zdoom somehow? Not sure... what exactly are the sprites themselves named?

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It has a See state already, it is the same as the Missile state.

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You mean they aren't already in the /sprites/ folder?

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