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How to submit feature request for DoomBuilder?

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Anywhere I go to find an answer, I end up back at the doombuilder.com website. So, when I click "Contact" there, it says to just go to the doom sites such as doomworld.com.

I found: http://sourceforge.net/projects/doombuilder/ but it doesn't seem like an area where I can submit an "Issue" like what bitbucket or github are.


I'm looking to suggest a feature of where DB offers the option to save settings & configuration to same folder as DB, rather saving to Users/AppData/Local/Doom Builder. Some software installers offer this option, and even the Zandronum (port) installer offers it as well.

I have a bunch of portable software installed on my Dropbox, and having the configuration be saved in the same folder as the software would be great, as it then means everything is all backed up for me.

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You could try PM or email CodeImp. He's one of the moderators here, and I think is Doom Builder's maintainer. He hasn't posted here in a while, though.

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"Most feature suggestions I get are not worth the trouble and many are simply ridiculous, so they are getting annoying. If you think you have some great idea that you absolutely have to post here, then make sure you back it up with a very strong argument why it is useful to all map authors (not just you and your friend) and why it belongs in Doom Builder."


Also, I posted my feature request just now, and the board says that a moderator must now approve it.

LOL. They seem to be mad with the whole "feature request" thing.

Wish me luck!

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