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A multiplayer-related request to mappers

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I help organize and maintain the Friday Night Fragfest event over on Zandronum, and occasionally we run a mod called ClassicLMS. The idea of the mod is that players start out with certain weapons(usually, all of them) and have to use their limited ammo(as items do not spawn in the LMS gamemode) to eliminate every other player and win the round.

So far, it has been run with several DM packs and the stock Doom 2 levels and tends to be a lot of fun. I've been looking through several SP megawads for small-medium sized maps that would probably work well with it, and I find that a lot of people had just flat out not placed any DM starts in their maps.

It makes sense of course, as normal DM on even the stock Doom maps is for the most part quite inferior to games on maps specifically designed for DM, but it unfortunately leaves me with less options to run alongside the mod in question. I'd like to ask the mappers here to at least place the DM starts on their small-medium sized maps in the future so that they could at least be considered during testing. It would be appreciated, and might even help promote your WAD to deathmatchers!

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I do this.

Alright, Sinister Intention didn't have them but I didn't even finish that (and it says so in the textfile) but my 100Lines maps never needed them adding; and even that 3-line map I made had them.

Nex Credo will, if anyone's interested in small/medium-sized maps. Also putting in the occasional multiplayer-only monster; and not just limited to "derp, Cyber goes here".

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I put them all together in one place to make Doom Builder stop whining about the lack of them. :)

Marcaek said:

but it unfortunately leaves me with less options to run alongside the mod in question

Uhh, just open the maps in the editor and place some dm starts? I help organise Thursday Night Survival in ZDaemon and if I find some coop bugs in the maps, I don't hesitate to make fix wads. I don't think the authors would mind, it's all with the best intentions - to make people enjoy their cool maps.

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Typically we would contact authors and ask for permissions if modifying the maps is NOT allowed, it's just that adding the starts beforehand would make things a lot smoother regarding mods that actually play well on SP maps. It's just a request for convenience's sake.

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