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Simplicity map 19....Help!!!!....The puzzle?

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I pretty much refuse to ever use a cheat code, that's why I'm asking. The blue skull keeps flashing on the podiums like a fuckin' game of Simon. I've clicked the bastards in every order. Nothing works. Up until this bullshit, I've quite enjoyed this wad. Like it way better than the highly regarded Plutonia 2, which I honestly didn't like at all.

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Hehe, I remember this part. Doesn't it show the right order when you first enter that room or something like that? You just gotta remember it.
I think I solved it by just save/loading until I got it right though. :)

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As I recall it is exactly a game of Simon. You have to follow the sequence like 3 or 4 times, and each time the sequence adds a few more blue key 'appearances' to follow at the end.

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