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my second map

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hi everyone. not much to say, this is my second map and i'd appreciate comments as usual. it's a E3M1 replacement, and i know it might not look particularly hellish but it's supposed to be the first map of an entire episode replacement(hopefully), and i plan on having more and more hellish environments as the episode progresses.


please play and comment!

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Heh, not too bad considering it is your second map.

Gameplay is rather basic and the design is a bit simplistic but occasionnaly, you can find some nice ideas (The chaingun secret was nice for example).

The theme is true to episode 3 (Wood/hell) but the general layout is nothing special. It's very linear but it's ok I guess.

Hope to see more maps in the future ;)

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It looks nice, it played okay as well. I'm not a big fan of the tentacles strewn over every floor and wall but thats just me. It also seemed a tad too easy, but then again this is supposed to be the first map. Not bad for your second map

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In my eyes this is a very good map, with well-crafted layout and a good amount of detail that isn't the classic-like but also isn't eye-disturbing, and I like this. Gameplay is appropriate to a first level of an episode, and is enjoyable. You've definitely improved in regards of ammo balance since your first map, in that (1st) the ammo placement felt rather random, but in this map it was set up just right, for me at least. I appreciate the pistol gameplay there, and how some clips are often placed in clutters yet your ammo doesn't get too high. The placement of clips looks even nice, somehow.

I noticed a bug that one of the pillars in that dark blood-filled room (with a cacodemon) was damaging you if you stayed on its flesh top. Also in the hall before that room, one of the blood pools wasn't damaging you.

Your maps actually impress me. Even though there are some weird-angled architectural pieces that I'd find bad-looking elsewhere, you achieved to use them in a way that I like, surprisingly. You are on a good way, keep up the good work! :)

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Honestly, I'm impressed. It's very linear, bar the one secret, and pretty much all of the action is in front of the player (no ambushes from the side or behind, that I noticed), but it's a solid E3 level, with a good visual for the theme and plenty of novel ideas. Gameplay is pretty fast flowing, albeit easy, so I enjoyed myself :)

My suggestions for improvement would be:
-Ensure all DOORTRAK walls are lower unpegged, so the wall doesn't scroll up with the door
-Avoid having mandatory lifts be poorly indicated (the one up to the exit platform isn't obviously a lift, it's just in the logical place for one to be. I initially cast about for a switch before "use"ing the lift itself due to this)
-Add a couple of optional side areas that either contain secrets, additional powerups or bonuses for the player or just an alternative route to the next mandatory area in later maps. As an M1, linearity is acceptable, I'd say, but even just a couple of optional rooms would be nice
-Try not to overstock the player on things like Radsuits when the damaging floors are either optional or fairly small. We won't be spending more than about 50 seconds in those blood pools, so having 6 minutes of Radsuit handy is overkill
-Keep at it, experience is it's own teacher

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