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WASTELAND (v1.03) - A hub based mod in progress

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Wasteland is a Doom 2 Mod for GZDoom that combines a hub system and objective based gameplay. You start off as a marine in training, right before a massive explosion destroys the entire continent. You wake up a few hours later in the rubble of your training facility. Hell has taken over, and you have to find a way to stop it.

I started making this years ago and have been working on it ever since (with some very extended breaks here and there) and I want to finally make a thread on it to see what other people think about it. I've sent it to some friends before and they seemed to like it, but I'd like a more broad opinion. Right now, there are 6 Maps, each connected to each other in a hub environment. They all interact with each other in different ways (I.e. pick up a key, bring it to another map, etc) and have various "objectives" to complete. I also use a lot of resources in it (music, monsters, textures, etc). I plan to have at least 20 maps in the final version, as well.

Oh yeah, and this requires GZDoom, and Jumping/Crouching, and Freelook is recommended.

I have a lot of information (pictures, videos, descriptions, etc) on this neat google document. As well as the download. ;)

Any feedback is appreciated. :)

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Cyberdemon531 said:

What exactly looks awful?

the ammo storage has some parts that look under-detailed, over-detailed or none at all

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Looks pretty good so far, I like the little dialog you put in this wad plus the location of where your at on the bottom of the screen.

I love the use of gzdoom features and how you actually make the player have to jump and crouch to progress through the maps.
The outdoor areas look nice, but the tech base inside as well as the caves needs some more detail.

Some of the pools of water have the water texture on the floor as well as the ceiling.

Keep up the good work.

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