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As the perhaps not so clever name suggests, it's a project I'm considering based on Metroid Prime, using the Doom lore. The idea is to have exploration through hubs, items to progress forward, chunks of Doom lore (I'll likely make up many of them but relate it to the story) revealed through terminals like on Metroid Prime, and modified Doom monsters in behavior and appearance to make tougher normal enemies and bosses and mini-bosses.

Current item progression ideas:

Rocket Launcher: Destroy a jammed door to proceed.
Radiation Suit: Necessary to get through heavily irradiated sections of the base, which would ordinarily kill the player in seconds due to the toxicity.
Green Armor: Cuts atmospheric damage of hell by half.
Blue Armor: Eliminates damage of hell.

Screenshots of the early concept.

Gameplay footage:


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Would be cool if you did the icebeam weapon and used the freezing technique from Hexen.

Edit: The pun wasn't intended. :P

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EternalWolf said:

Could use the DOOM books as resources for files/scans

Good point, I was also thinking I could draw from Doom 3 since it's more fleshed out.

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