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ramping up values across multiple selections

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hi. I remember this feature being clamoured for way back at the start of the doom editing days - basically a way to select multiple sectors and ramp up either or all of their 1) light value 2) floor height 3) ceiling height, incrementally.

For when you've lit your level detailed and right, but would like to check if it looks even sharper if you ramp it up or down a notch.

For when you've got a disjointed piece of terrain that you built that you would like to match to another existing piece of terrain, but their floor/ceiling values don't match
...also goes for prefab sector constellations, like laptops, lamps, pillars, etc, that you might want to copy and place out at different height elevations.

did anyone ever get around to implementing this feature, in any of all the wonderful editors that were made?

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Do you mean like, selecting a bunch of sectors in Doom Builder 2 and then adding "++16" to the light or floor/ceiling values to add 16 to them?

Because, uh, do that and it happens.

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Sounds like what I'm looking for - thanks for the hint, its been a while since I swung a vertex.

I guess you can do the same with floor and ceiling heights?

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Just tried it and it worked. Thank you for being awesome.

EDIT: for the record, "--" subtracts the same way "++" adds. And yes, it works on sector floors and ceilings - time to stitch together some disjointed rooms. :-)

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