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Why are there no good Pearl Jam MIDIs?

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This would technically count as editing, since I was looking for MIDIs to put into a wad. Anyways, onto the subject at hand.

While certain bands like Led Zeppelin have full sites with a quality midi for every song they released (and for good reason) Nearly all the Pearl Jam midis that are widely distributed sound like absolute garbage.

For reference, here's a site with pretty much all the MIDIs I found:

If you scroll down to Pearl Jam, the only decent ones are Lukin and Rearviewmirror. The rest all suffer from the same problems:
-Poor instrument choice
-Hideously butchered timing
-Problems with volume leveling

And the thing is, most of these sound like they could actually be quite good if the timing was correct, but as it stands it sounds like someone trying to play the keyboard to the song and failing to keep up. Are there any folks in the peanut gallery that are competent enough MIDI editors to fix these?

Oh, and as a side note that Garden midi was played in an AZDWANGO map. Presumably the same guy did all the rest of them. In a now long-gone video of it on Youtube, the guy actually admitted that it was shit.

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A slightly unorthodox resource, but Millennia Invasion by DG2K has a few Pearl Jam MIDIs in it. The music's about the only thing good about the wad. :/

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Marcaek said:

That's one of those rubbish ones, just hosted somewhere else. If the notes weren't in the wrong places and the wrong length, it could be a good MIDI.

Obsidian said:

A slightly unorthodox resource, but Millennia Invasion by DG2K has a few Pearl Jam MIDIs in it. The music's about the only thing good about the wad. :/

That wad uses the rubbish ones.

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I can officially go on living knowing that Doomworld made my life a little bit better.

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Sorry for bothering with my post, and I apologize if you've tried it before, but have you checked Ultimate Guitar for Guitar Pro tabs of Pearl Jam?

Guitar Pro tabs often are submitted and there's a chance you might find a song properly tabbed with all the instruments included, the catch here is, you can export that tab to MIDI format.

Here you can download Guitar Pro tabs of Pearl Jam. There's a good bunch of them so you might want to give a listen to every single one of them. Being honest I'm not a fan of Pearl Jam so I can't assure you if they're as accurate as possible but I guess it shouldn't be hard for you to check 'em

Naturally you will need Guitar Pro to open said tabs, but unfortunately it's not a free program; anyway, you can download another (freeware) program which can do the work of exporting 'em as MIDI

TuxGuitar can open Guitar Pro tabs as long as they're supported

Sadly this program is no longer mantained and the site has been overrun with spam, but the download links still work and the program is fully functional.

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