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how Eye killed Time

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Died quite a few times at the start, trying to get a lay of the land, figure out where the weapons were and where to run to kill everything without dying. After the initial encounter things aren't too tough, though the lack of health made me play scared (ran away from the imps/knight in the blue sky area, ran away from the baron/knights at the end).

Having the blue (moving) sky on one side with the red sky above is kinda trippy.

Didn't really like the jumps necessary. The jump from the teleporter to the SSG platform was really hard and took far too many tries.

The hell knights in the yellow door area are pretty toothless because of the lowered ceiling.

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Ribbiks said:

hihi. I got lost and quit. couldn't figure out how to get BK -.-

Well, didn't the repeatable switch seem kinda unnecessary? Maybe it does something else besides unleashing the arch-vile?

Magnusblitz said:

The hell knights in the yellow door area are pretty toothless because of the lowered ceiling.

Yup, I forgot that HKs are 64 units high unlike all other non-boss monsters I think. In the serious wad I'm working on right now I've changed their height to 56 and got kinda used to it so didn't really expect any problems here.

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Glorious. Although after noticing that you needed the mysterious blue key to progress, I wandered around helplessly for a while, decided to fortify myself in the Archie closet in my shame and blew myself up where nobody could see. I did thought I heard something else too upon pressing that switch but the Archie closet was just too tempting to pass. I'll have to try again to solve this mystery with better time 'cos up to that point the map was alright. Random nazi-troopers are my guilty pleasure so I especially appreciated the usage of them.

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