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Horrifying town glitch.

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So, anyone else been clicking obsessively to get back to the real world?

Five minutes and I'm still stuck in the void. Better horror game than Amnesia.

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^ I was able to escape but I'm worried that the last thing I saw before getting back is this:

Am I a horsie now? :o

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Haha, that's awesome! You just reminded me of a glitch I saw earlier this year at work, let me see if I can find the address......here!


Click the street view and take a look. What's odd is that the only location it happens is right in front of the building. Looks like a cyber prison of some sort :P

EDIT: Or perhaps the Slender was nearby

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When I looked around, it felt like I was in some town that was taken over by evil spirits that have cursed it. All I have to say about this is that it was pretty creepy.

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