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future wads of mine, new wad download

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I have been getting ideas and I can't stay on one wad, I think a lot of people tried my old wad, not sure, but I think I'd try to show you the evolution from the wads. Not much at all but something new
JUST A DEMO! I haven't worked on this forever

*Future wads*
Well I have a Rusty Metal re visited wad, music is different, re textured, new maps, I was going to release it next but maybe later.
I want to do wads based completely on CDS, and I want to try to re create the darkness of Nine Inch Nails Broken, but right now, I have one level that is not complete, and some songs, no Happiness in Slavery, or Physical even though they'd be badass! But the song order is fine, Pinion as main, Help me I am in hell as in between maps, Wish, Last, Gave Up, and Suck for maps. Maybe later I'll try another band. There are a lot of other bands that are amazing really.
A wad that has the official Pinion maps, which I think there should be and upgraded/ new pinion in some, a map I put a lot of effort into and fits the original theme of my maps... need variety though, industrial will not cut it anymore. That's why you'll find in the demo there is a old farmhouse that is buggy and a graveyard with some mistextures.
In some wads there will be a simple map, because I love duels, and if I can spend 5 minutes making a dueling arena I will go for it. But in that demo, that took much longer than 5 minutes. I hope I did good.

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