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Getting zdoom as default doom .exe (PROBLEM)

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My problem is when I click on a wad file it loads with either gzdoom,zandronium,slade3 or db2. Zdoom isn't an option and manually finding the zdoom.exe and adding it to the default program list doesn't add it to the list. Its almost like windows 7 doesn't consider zdoom to be an executable file.

Note I have windows 7 and this problem never happened when I had windows xp.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have the same problem as me?

And yes I know I can drag files onto the zdoom.exe to run them, but thats not my problem.

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Odd, I have the "opposite" problem. I have Windows 7 showing Zandronum, slade, and ZDoom as options, but it refuses to add GZDoom to the list. Even when I go to the GZDoom executable, and select it, Windows doesn't do anything. I didn't work out how to fix it.

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