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Zone 300 demos [-complevel 2]

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Map 21 UV Max in 2:44. Today is not my day it seems, nothing went according to plan in this. Second exit, will try for one minute something some other time.


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I'm extremely sorry, but my Map06 UV-Speed in is invalid. I apparently had auto-SR50 on, so it is considered TAS. Don't upload that to DSDA please. Sorry for misleading.

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i think you can edit your post and delete the attachment entirely. the thing you cannot do is add an attachment to a post that had none to begin with

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Realized my previous demos were recorded with the wrong cl, trying to make up for it. (and hopefully not make any mistakes of the kind again)

Map02 UV Max in 1:28


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Veinen said:

Another quick & random Zone300 demo:

Map26 UV-Max in 2:23

I came close. 2:24 but I still don't know how to record demos. Working on it. I'll get it.

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Cyberdemon531 said:

Thanks for undercutting me and smoking my time, lol. I guess everything has to go super-smooth to get such a time. Pain Elementals must be taken out immediately or you'll catch hell. I'm still gonna keep this one on the table and try to knock 13 seconds off my time. It's personal now.

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