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.wad: adding & extracting textures

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I'm sure this is the most basic of functions to most of you guys. but its been forever since I did much editing and things might have changed. Even if they haven't, I'm rusty as hell about how we used to do this. Got a bit of time and gonna try and make a bog-standard level or two.

Basically, I want to:

1) take some png's and put them into a wad
2) extract textures from wads (been picking a few favorite from the afterglow collection) and piece them together into a new one.

Any pointers towards the right/best/simplest tools and good/to-the-point documentation would be much appreciated.

I'm running Windows 7 and have DOSbox 0.74...

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You definitely want SLADE. It's pretty straight-forward and has Tutorials.

Some people prefer XWE, I haven't really used it since SLADE does everything I've needed it to, so I can't vouch for the pros and cons of each.

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OK, thanks. I've seen SLADE mentioned around here - I'll go check it out.

/speck of purposeless energy turns into iota of focus

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