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Year of the Console: Mad Catz MOJO / OUYA / nVidia Shield

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Yep Mad Catz is getting into the Android console market >>


nVidia has a new console >>


Ouya is out. I would give a link but well... eh here's a link.


Seems to me that all of this is too little too late. If Vitas are having a tough time selling why would a Shield sell? Ouya had many complaints even with a $100 price tag. Why would people want to play mostly phone games on their TV? So then Mad Catz decides to get into it?

The rush is on to get destroyed by XB1 and PS4. Not to mention Steam Box. Maybe if these 3 consoles came out last year it would be more economically viable for them to make money and thrive.

Know what came out last year that plays quite a few phone games? Roku for under $100.


Not to mention some smart TVs are able to play games. PS3 and XB360s are coming down in price and offer most of the same games as these lesser consoles.

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A Mad Catz console? My thumbs hurt already just thinking about it. Isn't it bad enough they torture us with their stiff, uncomfortable knock-off controllers? I don't want a whole console built around that.

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