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DEEPEST EVIL - Reborn!!!!

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DEEPEST EVIL takes the player on a journey through an overrun moon base. Feels very much like classic DooM moreso than DooM 2, although if I expand this further there will be an 'on earth' chapter that concludes the whole shebang! As it stands, Episode 1 is more or less complete and Episode 2 is nearly so. Just... play through this thing as far as you can lolol!!!!

Basically, this is an OPEN BETA. It's not as far along as DESPAIR.WAD was for Heretic - no handful of fixes for only two levels. This file contains TWELVE maps over 2 episodes, and will be 18 maps over 3 episodes when done! I need to revamp the boss battles as well, which I found to be kinda... well I wanted better outta them. Anyways, here's the file:

UNZIP the file first than drag both 'DeepResources' and 'DeepMaps' into your Gzdoom executable.



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So my impressions after playing the first two levels:

Well, it's not bad at all. It's just... Something different than your typical fast-paced Doom. The gameplay even resemble Doom 3 to some extent. On one hand I like it, but on the other hand I admit that I prefer classic Doom gameplay over this kind of easy corridor shootage, encountering enemies almost one by one. Also the slow speed... all OK, but if I could choose, I'd prefer it another way. I'm not sure if I will withstand all 12 (18) levels of this, maybe only because of being curious about the new resources.

The custom resources: You pick them and use them quite well and in a fitting way, I have to admit. Many amateurs tend to do horrible things when they get their hands on plenties of resources, but you do it right, even though there is SO MANY new content. Congratulations in this aspect.

Also, even though the maps are quite very simplistic in detail and structure, somehow I feel they are looking and flowing good.

Now, besides that the general gameplay style isn't my top preferred taste (but also not bad), here is a little critique:

  • In the first level, I was suffering because the basic pistol is too slow. Well, it is the same slow as usually, but: Why didn't you make it faster, when you already made changes to its animation? I think I know. You apparently enjoy the prolongation. Nothing bad on that, I just admit that I rather like fast action and challenge.
  • The levels are very easy, and you just keep encountering everything from your front. No nastier encounters from behind or even side or whatever. Also, small amounts of monsters.
  • You'd also throw some more opposition against the player while he's backtracking. I just say more.
  • I noticed it is often possible to crouch through windows. It isn't a fault in the situations I have seen so far - but it seems you don't at all realize the player can jump and crouch. In the first map, right at the start, you can for example jump+crouch into the very first window on the left. You know, you can always disable crouching and/or jumping via MAPINFO.
  • There are occasional E1 homages! Like the M2 exit corridor. I prefer originality. Again, bearable fault.
  • I encountered a handful of bugs in the second map:
  • The nukage pool near red door don't damage the player.
  • The bridge in the southern part has buggy-looking borders. They have set a texture only from one side. Set them from both.
  • One of the rooms in the western part has misaligned ceiling light.
  • And most importantly, when I was returning from the soulsphere secret, one entire corridor collapsed into a HOM and I couldn't get to the exit without cheating. This corridor: http://i.imgur.com/Zvhs7oN.png http://i.imgur.com/V8gj01u.png
Some time I'll play the rest. Hopefully this little feedback helps you.

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Indeed it does! Some of the stuff I may have missed due to me having this on my hard drive for some time and making recent fixes just so I could get this out there. I'll have to see why the heck that the corridor collapses in the first place, but oh well. Crouching / jumping WILL stay, but I figured you're not really skipping over much if you jump through that first window - I'll just make it a bit more creative so you get something you wouldn't otherwise if you do so.

I'm also cleaning up a lot of my texture content, once I'm done with that I can replace missing textures as necessary. I WILL actually increase the pistol's rate of fire by a TINY but, but either way it becomes overshadowed by the assault rifle (which will do LESS damage per shot but shoots way faster, but still not as fast as chaingun).

I also DO plan on removing some of the E1 homages as well, and the final version will have an outdoors section in U1M1 you must blast through before you even enter the building. Oh, and the laser fences will work properly and the chainsaw access-able!

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