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General Rainbow Bacon

xtreme blood 2 : xtreme pain

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Hey, really liked this one, thought it was just a little easier than your other hard maps. I know in another thread you said you don't care much about making your maps look nice but it seems like this one has a little bit more attention on the visuals? You've got some HOM on the blood lifts, when some of the higher lifts get lowered they are probably missing lower textures. Any time I have lifts next to each other I just put a lower texture on everything to be safe :p

Trying to do a UV-max run but I'm not a great player so it's going to take me a few days AT LEAST.

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I just played with lighting more on this one, but yeah I chose textures a little differently this time. Yeah I know about the HOM, I'm gonna make another in the series and release this as a 3 wad pack "the xtreme" wads.
I'll correct the HOM then. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Now where's my cookie!?
Not TOO hard really, first exit and first time I got past the room with the bloodfalls, don't see a way of rushing that, so first time I saw the exit room (had no idea there was an arch-vile crowd). Pretty fun in UV-Speed.

Also, I had a number of runs where I got stuck behind the yellow key column, so that was kind of annoying.

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