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General Rainbow Bacon

I want to turn this picture into a sky

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

So basically what I need help with is in the title. I fiddled with a photo I took and got this:


Thought it would look good as a doom sky texture. But I have no idea how to make one. Could someone help me?

First of all, you need a 360° panoramic picture, so the left and right side can match, something like this:
There are some ways to turn a standard image in a 360° view like I guess but i don't know how.
when you have an image like that you have to edit its size (I use photoshop for that) make it 1024 x 128 pixels. For vanilla you have to split the image in four pic 256 x 128 pixels each (I don't know if this step is mandatory).
Then you save the pics in bmp format and add them to your wad as patches and finally you can make a new sky texture using that new patches.

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That's also going to be a very hard picture to get to look good in Doom because the colours are so different from what's in the Doom palette, that blue-green colour especially. (Assuming you're not making a port-specific level for a port that supports true-colour images.)

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I think that is a really bad choice of image but it could work on GZDoom with some editing but overall it looks very grainy which is not good.

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I made my own attempt. Quite grainy still.


I can write some basic instructions on how it was done if wanted. The short version is:

  • fix up the image in photoshop/GIMP/whatever as best you can
  • convert it to the Doom palette
  • divide it into 256x128 segments
  • import the segments into SLADE
  • change them into Doom format
  • create a new TEXTURE1 resource based on doom2.wad
  • edit the SKY1 texture to use your graphics
A good primer on Slade is at http://slade-editor.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_import_textures

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