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Maximum number of sector tags?

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Hey. I'm working on a map in Doom Builder and it seems some of the sector tags aren't sticking, rather moving around so that trigger lines and target sectors once matching no longer add up. Am I bumping my head against some upper number of tagged sectors/lines limits, or is this some semi-random bug in Doom Builder ('s automatic number reassignment system, when it packs together unused gap numbers)?

I'm sure I can manage eventually, but this kinda slows down testing...

I feel like I must have had more sector tags active than what I'm currently at (just over 100), while making Doom levels in the past, but its been a while so I'm not sure.

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OK, much obliged. Probably just some kind of random hickup, or perhaps I was up too late mapping... :-)

/crosses fingers

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Doom Builder has some limits which are far below the theoretical extents of maps that could be built (even if completely unplayable by any standard of a consumer machine).

This is primarily because it is written in C# .NET and uses .NET library primitives, which for example can only allocate so many entries in a single container before they'll throw an exception.

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