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Gamma -x

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Just a techie question : Why when the gamma is negative (ex: gamma -1) the color gets messed up and looks like doomguy is missingno?
Something to think about?

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There's no real mystery to it. Doom's gamma correction works using lookup tables - one table for each of the different gamma correction levels (0-4). When the palette is set, the brightness of each of the RGB values gets translated into a different brightness, making the screen brighter by some amount.

The tables are stored in an array. If the index is outside the range 0-4, you're now reading outside that array: for example, gammatable[-1] is a chunk of memory used for something in the Doom exe (probably other global variables or bits of compiled machine code). That memory is used as a gamma table but it doesn't make any sense as a gamma table, so colors just get mapped to arbitrary values that don't make any sense. Hence the screen ends up as a mess.

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