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Naked Snake

Guns I wanna see

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2-2 = Dual Pistols
Your pistol may be weak, add another to the mix and it's all good, as you blast your way to the top with these dual fisted pistols!

4-2 = Jackhammer Automatic Shotgun
Now THIS is a shotgun! Using the same shells as your regular shotgun but fully automatic, you can cut your enemies up into little bitty pieces...

8-1 = Flamethrower
Talk about extra crispy! This thing can fry anything thats gets in its path, problem is it chews up ammo like a fat guy does food at a buffet. The flames can harm you up close, so if you want a char tan, get close to a wall or opponent and find out.

8-2 = Unmaker
Blasts a high powered lazer beam at your victim, tearing his flesh instantly, though it is strong, it takes a bit between shots so if you find yourself thinking you can fire away like a happy little puppy, don't find out the hard way that it won't work with this weapon

9-1 = Dual Chainguns
You thought the Chaingun was worthless? Well, it is, but when you add another one into the mix the frag count rises like Toby's penis when he looks a Neve ;)

9-2 = Thunderbolt
It may look stupid at first, but hey, when you see that not only does it send a steam of lightning across the arena, it also kills fast, like cyanide, only painful

0-1 = Darkclaw
This deadly artifact tosses a cluster of deadly fireballs at your enemy, searing his flesh, up close, this attack is fatal beyond imagination, to the point it may GIB a victim!

0-2 = BFG 2704
Anyone that has played the Doom press release beta has seen this gun, but now is your chance to use it in DM! Tons of BFG energy balls are released into the direction you face and your enemy is accosted with deadly balls of death (GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER), splattering his guts on the nearest wall, and leaving a grin on your face. Oh yeah, another frag too! YAY!

What do you guys think? Feel free to tweak my list, add suggestions or give totally new ideas.

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Here is my alternate list...

2-2 = Rifle
The standard issue marine corps rifle delivers a robust blast that can knock opponents back a lot. It has a moderate rate of fire, backed up by power, problem is, it holds about 50 rounds of ammo

4-2 = Minigun
Fast rate of fire, blasts enemies to shit, but ammo for it seems to go fast, so, if the gun isn't full, you're happy fun time is done pretty quickly...

8-1 = Dual Plasma Rifles
These guns shoot red, instead of blue, plasma balls at your victim, and at a faster rate of fire too, but they suck up 2 ammo per shot, per gun, so 4 ammo per shot, at 600 cells max...the ammo won't last long, but the death will be quick!

8-2 = Napalm Gun
If you have played Blood with the plasma pack and used the alt attack for the Naplam Launcher, you would know what this gun does, but for those of you who have not, check this out, it launches a fireball that falls to the ground, when striking it, it spawns smaller fireballs that bounce as well, and some of those spawn fireballs too. Good way to cover an area with liquid death

9-1 = Nailgun
No, this isn't like the Quake Nailgun, it is like the Team Arena Nailgun. It shoots out a cluster of nails (uses 1 ammo) at your enemy, turning him into a pincushion (sorry for the cliche)

0-1 = Anti-Tank Rifle
Huge kickback, plus it knocks your view up, but hey, if it can take down a tank, it is worth it...

0-2 = Mininuke
Think REDEEMER, but with a twist. This nuke doesn't go über fast, it goes pretty fucking slow, but when it hits however, the shockwave is HUGE! It only has a max of 5 ammo.

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