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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #115 - Zodiac (Part I)

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Expect some old-style gameplay this week, since the wad we have in hands is based in classics like Scythe, AV, Plutonia and old Doom. Maps are enough big for a blood-thirsty swarm of marines, and the amount of monsters should provide entertainment for all players. See you there!

  • Skill: Ultra Violence
  • PWADs: tnsskins1a, Zodiac, tns115
  • Maps: 01-16
  • Lives: 1
  • Euro session: 19:00 BST @ [L@P] - Germany, Europe
  • US session: 19:00 EDT @ DUI - New Jersey, USA
  • Date: 24th October 2013
  • More Details...
Get ZDaemon and join in.

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