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Kontra Kommando

Doomworld Personality Test

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A survey has been conducted by the American Psychological Association to determine the geographic map of personalities in the United States. The study found that people with similar personalities tend to cluster into large regions. I took the test, and apparently I belong in Massachusetts.

The test is in this link: http://science.time.com/2013/10/22/the-united-states-of-attitude-an-interactive-guide-to-americas-moods/


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New Mexico. One of the states that I haven't been to, though I have visited all the others that are the same colour.

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Avoozl said:

Heh, I got New Mexico. :P

You would. ;P

Haven't done these in a while, but I think I'm INTJ. I'll check tomorrow. Maybe I've changed.

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GreyGhost said:

I apparently belong in the state of Washington - what's the weather like there?

From what I understand it's similar to Tassie.
Oh, and Indiana for me.

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Hellbent said:

Says I belong in California, even though I am a masshole.

It said I'm a masshole, even though I can see the empire state building from my window. I think I would be really disturbed by that if I was a baseball fan. However, a lot of New Yorkers dislike NJ, so it sorta makes sense.

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Utah? What the fuck? I met one person from Utah and they were an emotional wreck. Not saying that should be my basis for judgement, just sayin....

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