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Release date?

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Hi there.

I was wondering, it seems to me that this has taken too much (I apologize if this sounds rude/stupid), so I was thinking... is there any established/tentative date for when this (talking about Freedoom, of course) is going to be finally released? I'm referring to the fact that there has been a long time since it was announced/planned and all we see is beta after beta. It seems like a really cool project, and it's definitely something I would like to see anytime soon. Now, I know that this is a voluntary work, so I'm sure I look like an asshole pressuring all of you, but I would really like to see this finished. Is there a deadline?

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Guys i was working on Freedm and i have a lot of edits for freedoom if you can hold this reseale a bit more like 2 weeks after today i can bring you all my resoucer to freedm (Already tested and fixed) thanks

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