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Best Atmospheric/PSX-ish Map Set Recommendation Thread

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Recently, I finished playing Community Chest 4, which was overall, very, very good. I'm looking for the next map set or megawad to load up. Can anyone recommend a well made, atmospheric map set with quality similar to CC4? Failing that, if there's a map set that does a good job of emulating PSX style ambiance, I would love to hear about it. At least, to tide me over until the PSX Lost Levels maps are complete.

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Eris Falling said:

Threshold of Pain - (Doom wiki article)

I never finished the map articles for that. I'll get around to it one day...

Thanks for the recommendation. I've just finished the first level and am liking it a lot. My only complaint is that it seems that jumping is required. Oh well, it's still pretty faithful.

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I really need to play ToP again. Never beat the first level due to whole required jumping thing (which I think wasn't actually stated, unless im infinitely unobservant)

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