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Looking for some Rocket-Launcher mod

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Hello guys,

I looking for some Rocket Launcher sprites (or a weapon mod) in right-sided perspective ('modern weapon position' or 3D), especially one be's wearing on shoulder. Similarity to original weapon isn't necessary.

Anyone has an idea?

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The only ones I've ever seen were ones where the original rocketlauncher image was literally rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise.

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M1APR.wad has a right-sided gun for the rocket launcher, though it's not very RL-like. I don't know anything about this file other than that it was included in a repackaged Aliens TC.

Otakon doom had some weapon sprites that were all over the screen, mostly flat colours though.

Quake 2's RL is surely ported to Doom somewhere.

I think I recall another mod from the 95 era that used a big side-mounted rocket launcher but I can't find it, nor can I be sure I'm not thinking of something else.

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