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Prime Directive (Space Station Omega 2) ALPHA Release

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COME AND GET IT! GZDoom 1.8.02 is the minimum required.

The mod can be played through to completion. However, there are still things missing such as cutscenes, some computers, some geometry, etc. Basically, from here it's all polish. But what I really need right now is bug hunting. There's one that's got me stumped with screen wipes - they shouldn't happen, but on some map transitions they do. I don't know why.

So, what's the feature list looking like since last time?

  • A almost-complete HD remix of Space Station Omega. Need to go through and do a few more things to it.
  • Cutscene cancelling. I really only did it so that I didn't have to freeze the player in select circumstances while another cutscene finishes.
  • Goal system which gives you a percentage at the end of PD.
  • Weapon stats tracking.
  • A discoverable squad of marines that you can teleport to your location.
  • More MD3s.
  • A new lighting pass. Combined with the 3D polyobject trick, it can stress GZDoom in some areas.
  • The characters you talk to over the radio are now represented by a real-time hud graphic.
If you download and try this, as well as bug reports I'd appreciate if you uploaded the autosave that is made as you enter the final map (GE5MAP08, easily identifiable by the fact that it's where your stats are told to you).

I'm not sure I'll hit my original release date limit of November 10th, but it should be in a complete state within the month.

EDIT: As requested:

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