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the lost levels' psx tc

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hellow evereyone.

i have the doom psx tc and the lost levels.
i try to add them to the game but it dosent work..
(i have all the lost maps in the same folder of the psxdoom.bat file)

it shows me that the levels are added and it still dosent work



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Hi there, and welcome.

I don't understand you completely. What do you mean by "add them to the game"? What are you doing exactly? Please be a little more specific. Have a good day.

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I add them to the game using the lost level updater.
It shows me that he updated the levels but It still don't work.

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ScottGray said in another thread:
Lost Level Updater Version 1.0

Here's an idea I had to easily add newly released maps to a new Lost levels episode, it also configures a ZMAPINFO file so they can be played in order. However some of the wads have internal ZMAPINFO lumps which need to be removed with a wad editor like Slade3 or they won't load. It works out of PSXLost.PK3 so no modification is done to the main PSXDoom.PK3

When you download the maps rename them to LOSTXX in order they appear on the map list on the first post.
So Forsaken Keep would be LOST01.WAD and Dis LOST03.WAD etc....
Then Place them in the Map folder provided before running the UpdateLostLevels.bat.

Could this be the problem?

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When the project will completed , there be a full version of psx doom tc?
(With the lost levels).
And when do you think that the project will completed ?..

Thanks :) !

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