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Some Psycophobia effects

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I need some effects/projectiles from Psycophobia mod: imp fireball, cacodemon fireball and rocket/barrel explosions. I don't know how to extract them. So I need someone who can help me how to do it. I have permission from the author of the mod.

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Try using SLADE3: just open up Psychophobia in it and the world is yours. You can probably find tutorials on it's Wiki if you've got any problems.

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plums said:

It might help to know what you want to do with those resources, and whether you're interested in learning how to do this kind of thing, or you just want some quick results.

To expand on this, the longer you spend learning the basics, the better the results will be. Fancy effects won't save a bad map, so it's better to start simple rather than diving in at the deep end.

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