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W.I.P: Crasmap-v7 [COMING SOON][Mapack]

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Crasmap.wad is a mappack I made for Doom 2, and it uses the Zandronum source port. It has levels that have tons of puzzles, secrets, and things to shoot!

I'm doing an overhaul of the old levels to make them even better. So the other levels have been omitted out of the rotation.

Custom levels available (right now): 6

There's a coop server. If you have IDE or Doomseker just search: Crasmap

I tried to make it as presentable as possible. So here is the latest version:


* Not compatible with ChocolateDoom or Vanilla Doom
* Only runs well with Zandronum or any source port that enables freelook or jumping. Works on ZDoom and Skulltag.

I appreciate feedback and criticism. I don't know about any glitches,
so if you find one, tell me about it.

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