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Ghouls, Goblins and Golems, Oh my!

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Angband! That's what I'm doing this halloween (and have been doing for last several days. VERY fun game. Extraordinarily in depth. Only thing I kinda wish is that it had sound.

I've been playing the ascii version and I like the way the game works on my imagination! It's really fun. I am sort of tempted to play the tile graphics version, but I think it will cheapen the experience. Right now it's very rich and rewarding, although quite nerve racking! You cannot save in Angband. When you die, you start over at the beginning, but wiser and more experienced when you do.

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Still been playing this tons. Having fun with it. Made it to dungeon level 96 and died; was becoming impatient in my search for good equipment to complete my resistances. Want to try out Sil, an even more Tolkien faithful variant set in the First Age and with less powerful spells (the spells in Angband are very powerful)

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I've never played much of Angband, but I hear good things. I tend to enjoy sticking to ASCII with my roguelike games. Not just because it's better for imagination, but because the tilesets feel a little muddled and don't really give as much important information as the ASCII versions often do. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a good example of an exception, though.

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