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doom Fireworks

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Very nice! I like the light-flash effect, good that you didn't forget on such a detail. Just a shame that no sound effects are in.

Don't you want to also learn making actual maps, with a gameplay? I would be interested playing them, and I believe other people would also appreciate them more than your various modifications. They (the effects and modifications) are fun to try, but just for a short while, and probably won't get a lot of use progressively. Nice maps, on the other hand, could provide better satisfaction which most of us go for. Even without any fancy new effects. I'd recommend it to you. ;)

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The +forcexybillboard flag could be useful here:

From the ZDoom Wiki:

FORCEXYBILLBOARD (OpenGL only: not supported by ZDoom)

Added for GZDoom and Skulltag compatibility. Forces the actor's sprite to "billboard" to the screen on the X- and Y-axes when using the OpenGL renderer. Does nothing in ZDoom.

Although it's OpenGL only, it doesn't cause any problems to use it with ZDoom so if you add the flag to your firework actors, they will look better in OpenGL and will still look like they normally do in software ZDoom.

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