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Here is a 4 hour speedmap I made, thought it was good enough so included it as map06 in one of my projects;
that project is still in progress but you can play this map already.
How to play: prboom-plus -complevel 2 -skill 4 -warp 6
You can leave a comment, I will read it. :)

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Hey Memfis! Couldn't you pick one of these single maps you are releasing once a while and dedicate it to Doomworld Mega Project to which you had signed up? :)

Certainly great map here, I really like both the architecture and the gameplay - Memfis style is apparent. It is a 4 hour speedmap? Low bow then. I'm glad that you've created something easier than you tend to do lately, even though it's supposed to be MAP06. Actually the biggest problem for me was the start chaingunner, who raped me on my first attempt and due to that, I died soon after. But on the second time he raped me only "half-ly" and then I was able to finish the map without saving and without a bigger problem on the way.

I must also say, Memfis, the thing I like about your style is that you never "overdo" things. In your maps, I don't ever get a feeling that "there's too much detail" or "there's too many monsters/items/decorations in this room", while your maps certainly are well detailed and often also well populated. Keep up the good work.

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Thx, watched vdgg's demo so far, was entertaining with many low hp moments and I thought it was funny how when you kill cacodemons under the crusher, you don't get to see their death animation because they turn into gibs immediately. Looks so unnatural.

Hmm, I took the level I was making for DMP2013 in another project so now I need to start another one. I definitely want to have a map there because I really like TOD's idea even though I was so skeptical about it in 2012.

About the gameplay: I think that period of squeezing out as much challenge as possible is kinda over for me, nowadays I'm more of a "just want to have some fun" guy. :) I even don't play FDA-style that much anymore, now I mostly try out new maps in multiplayer where others can finish the map if I die, where we have item respawn and an amazing library of scripts that allow "debugging" map on the go. For example, I can easily make a new teleporter, spawn any item including keys, move any tagged sector, etc. It made multiplayer really awesome, even very coop-unfriendly maps with lots of closing bars, etc can be played now.

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Hi Memfis, that is an incredible map for a 4-hour project. The only thing I didn't like was the fake walls with monsters shooting through them. I never like that. Otherwise, the map is beautifully constructed with wonderfully cruel fights for a keyboarder of my minimal skill. I was killed many times, but the fights were so much fun I always wanted to keep going. Funny, the easiest fight was against the Archie. ;D Nastiest fight was the PG/Yellow key.

I look forward to the whole project. :)

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Memfis said:

I think that period of squeezing out as much challenge as possible is kinda over for me, nowadays I'm more of a "just want to have some fun" guy. :)

bah! fun is overrated.

here's another fda to throw on the heap of unsolicited demos: http://www.mediafire.com/?tyamln343s0yc9w recorded with questionable sobriety, but no deaths so I guess the map was pretty easy. Not much additional commentary, other than it feels very 'memfis'-esque, and I hope it doesn't become part of another swiftly abandoned megawad :p

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