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What do new difficulty settings in Brutal Doom do?

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I just downloaded the latest version of Brutal Doom and saw that a bunch of new features have been added.

One of those new things are new difficulty settings. There are a lot of them. In addition, I saw that even on the lowest difficulty level there are lots of monsters. This means that the difficulty levels must effect something else then monster count.

What do the new difficulty levels in Brutal Doom do?

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The only difference I've noticed is that the monsters typically deal more damage and shoot faster the higher the difficulty level is.

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You can look at the MAPINFO file in the PK3 for some clues. Might not be everything, but a lot is there. search the ZDoom wiki for anything you don't understand (specifically, this page.)

Here's the entry for the easiest skill level, with added comments

skill easyhard
   AutoUseHealth                // health in inventory gets used automatically
   AmmoFactor = 2               // ammo pickups are worth 2x
   DamageFactor = 0.3           // take only 30% as much damage as normal
   EasyBossBrain                // icon of sin shoots slower
   SpawnFilter = Nightmare      // things from nightmare skill appear
   name = "Power-Fantasy"
That line "SpawnFilter = Nightmare" line means any thing set to appear on UV (and presumably nightmare) will appear on this skill level. It doesn't mean that they will behave like in Nightmare mode.

So basically this skill gives you a lot of enemies to shoot, but makes gameplay a lot less threatening, hence "Power-Fantasy".

There might be other code in BD that checks the difficulty level, but I don't know.

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