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FireButton Gaming (LP-esque YouTube channel)

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(Mods, if this is due a move to Fan Fics/Pics that's cool with me)

So, the topic about TotalBiscuit covering Brutal Doom got me thinking about a YouTube project a close friend does, and I help out with, FireButton Gaming.

We're a bunch of amateurs, but we're looking to improve. So I thought, let's let our shit among the sharks. That's you guys.

Here's a recent video, one I think is one of our strongest: one of the commentators on this particular one is me, I'm rather aware I'm quiet and mumbly (this is why I sit closest to the mic):

We have a whole bunch of other stuff on the YouTube channel of varying quality -- hell, we covered all 4 episodes of XBLA Ultimate Doom!

Any and all feedback from you guys is welcome. By all means, tell what you didn't like -- but also, what you did so we can bear that in mind. :)

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I seem to have a cold *spam* Sorry I totally just coughed here. *blog* *post hell*

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Well, that would be a mod's call. It seemed relevant at the time I made the original post, since TotalBiscuit and Let's Plays in general were being discussed elsewhere.

"I know!" I thought to myself "I could probably get some feedback for my friend's similar project, that I happen to help out with". Probably not my wisest move, but I'm young still.

If this thread gets helled, I'm taking that as feedback too. So whatever.

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