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Doom racetracks, (a potential megawad-in-the-making?)

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Got back into mapping and decided to try making a few maps in a multi-level wad. These maps would resemble Mario Kart tracks in some way, but will have extra monsters and such when you cross the starting point. Gameplay is semi-slaughter, with more emphasis on coop difficulty than singleplayer. It can be quite linear, but you can leave monsters for later.

*IMPORTANT* this wad is Boom (complevel 9) compatible and requires ccc4-tex.wad to play.

I'm a pretty bad playtester, especially with -solo-net, so I'd like to have some playtesting feedback on what I can improve on (especially thing placement.) If you find it too easy on singleplayer, that's probably since I tweaked many things for multiplayer only.

Some map descriptions and images:

MAP01: A "Figure-Eight Circuit" type of map. TEKLITE is everywhere. It's ugly, but I wanted it to be the first map of the set. The bridge could've been better though. Uses music from Descent.


MAP02: Large map. I wanted to use only Doom 1 monsters for SP, but coop players will find Doom 2 monsters as well. This is also the only map of the set with "dash panels". There's a bug with the fences once you access the outside area. Uses music from Descent.


MAP03: Modeled after my favorite Mario Kart track. Very big with one secret. Uses music from ROTT.


MAP04: A tribute to a Hell Revealed II map. This map looks the least like a "track" but should be fun to play. I made it within a limited number of linedefs. Don't really like it that much so I might just discard it. Uses same music as MAP10 of HR2.


MAP05: A speedmap I did within the confines of a single day. A subway level. I later tweaked it to have more coop monsters. Two secrets. Uses music from Descent.


MAP06: Wanted to do an open, outdoorsy level here. The initial layout was speedmapped in a single day and I added outer detail later. Inspired by Mario Kart's beach courses. On the second go you'll be attacked by numerous cacos (and a cyberdemon on coop). It probably could've been a longer level though. No custom music.


Feedback and FDAs are well-appreciated. I might make more of these types of levels soon, possibly a megawad of no more than 20 levels, but I've got other work to do now.

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I'm a big fan of the concept, but a way less big fan of the plain implementation. Though, if it "works" ingame, I mean I won't feel it plain, then it's absolutely OK.

Good luck with it!

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