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Sikkmod issues ... :(

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Now that I finally have the power, I want to play Sikkmod in all it's glory. But there are really annoying and big graphics problems for me. I don't know why, I never had them on previous machines.

So power is not a poblem with SLI GTX580's. I can play pretty smooth with everything enabled in Sikkmod; HDR, Bloom, Soft shadows, SSAO, SSIL, etc.

Only thing is; I'm getting really really bad texture filtering and immense aliasing. Settings are exactly the same as vanilla D³ so I have no idea where the problem is. I'm suspecting one of the shader programs.

Can someone please help me by having a quick look at your own config and possibly driver version for your Geforce card ? I'm desperate ...

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Screenshots; first vanilla DooM³ , second sikkmod with everything disabled and the exact same image settings. Notice how vanilla looks a whole lot better ??? Not to mention the aliasing going on when moving, it's almost a disco ball in a dark room ...

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Da Werecat said:

A wild guess: does renaming Doom3.exe to something else change anything?

Thanks for the reply, but I'm afraid the answer is no. In the meantime I have been looking at a bunch of sikkmod vids on Youtube and it seems almost all geforce cards I see it running on have this problem. Even the ones dated years ago with the very first sikkmod releases.

I'm able to greatly reduce the effect by using different shaders, like the ones Damafa2k7 creates. But again it's a tradeoff: sikkpin's shaders are easier to configure through the sikkmod menu and produce a different kind of mood than Dafama's. Both are good, yet "different". Kinda like different brands of shades in real life...

Currently I'm using Dafama's because the jittering and skimmering on Sikkpin's is too annoying. I'm going to keep digging though as I'm sure I never had these issues with the Radeon cards I owned ...

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