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Need some massive enemy Wads

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I'm looking for a couple wads with a couple requirements if someone is so nice to help. :)
1. A lot of enemies.
2. (Hope to have if not that's ok), A TON of new monsters, the bigger the monster variety, the more amount of monsters, and the quality of monsters is a must!
3. They hopefully are megawads, and/or have more than 32 levels or at least have 5-6 levels. So 5-32+ levels.
4. Not so many monsters it's graphic intensive.
5. Another request I have, has there been a site created lately that has like the category of mods on it? Where I can just kind of see pic's of the mod, description, even a review, and categories? (I.e Doom2>Megawad>Hellish>Custom, something like that)
Thank you :)

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That is a beautiful mod. o.o Thank you. o.o
Do you know how to get it or if it will work with
Zandorum, DoomRPG and Brutal Doom?

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