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I was amazed to discover that (I don't think) Sporcle has once been mentioned on Doomworld. Unless it's all in Hell, in which case I'm in trouble. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody else here Sporcled, and in that case if you had any quizzes you've made.

If you're not familiar, Sporcle is this trivia site which is mostly built around listing things of various categories across all sorts of topics, with geography being by far the most popular I think. There are some logic puzzles, lots of picture quizzes, some sound-clip quizzes...it's really fun as a timewaster I think.

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, here's a Doom quiz too easy for any of you to enjoy much, and a Judas Priest quiz that I'm particularly pleased with.

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...I'm ashamed that for some reason I didn't realize that commandos weren't in the first game.

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I'm not sure why I chose to include barrels, except perhaps for the lulz. I think it's also partly because I used this site to make sure I remembered them all, and absent-mindedly entered "barrel" as one of them. Also, barrels behave as sentient enemies in The Sky May Be. I could come up with other rationalizations, too, but if y'all think the barrels should go I wouldn't hate to see them go. That much.

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